VIII Petanque Open Peñiscola Cup (May Day Bank Holiday)

(From 1st to 5th May 2019) VIII Petanque Open Peñiscola Cup (May Day Bank Holiday)


From 1st to 5th May 2019 (Peñiscola (Castellón) España)
VIII Petanque Open Peñiscola Cup (May Day Bank Holiday)
This Open will be played according to the current rules of the Petanque.

All players will accept with good grace the rules of this Open championship and the judge/arbiter’s decisions, as well as any change that the organizing committee decides to apply with the purpose of improving the competition at any of its aspects.

A COMPETITION COMMITTEE will be created, headed by a president and two members. All the clubs participating in the tournament shall respect the decisions of the committee without exception.
All clubs must send a list with the names of the players planning to participate in the OPEN. All players who wish may take part, whether they are licensed, amateurs or members, provided that their names appear on the lists of players. Once the list of players has been prepared and presented to the COMPETITION COMMITTEE, no more players may be added.

When we first pair the teams off, we will try that teams from the same country or club do not meet in the competition, if it is possible. This pairing will be by means of a draw.

Games will be at 13 points or restricted by time.

The game will finish when the time expires and the arbiter proclaims the end of the game. A tie breaker game will take place provided the game reaches its end and the result is a draw.

If a team does not appear in the pitch at the moment of the start of a game, the other team will wait for ten minutes. If they still don’t appear, the arbiter will deduct 1 point every 5 minutes (maximum: 6 points/30 minutes). If half an hour later they have still not appeared, the arbiter will consider that the missing team has lost the game with the result of 13 – 0. If the members of the missing team appear before 30 minutes, the game will start and the corresponding points will be deducted from the score.

The change of players in a threesome will never be allowed if it is not by a justified circumstance of force majeure. The judge-umpire must be informed of changes. Any player can be out of the pitch without permission from the judge umpire.

It is not obligatory to wear a team uniform for the competition, but the organisers would be grateful if, as far as possible, players in the same team wore a sports shirt in the same colour.

In the event of rain, the open will be temporarily suspended for up to one hour. After this time has elapsed, the organising committee will decide how the open is to be continued and completed.

The organizing committee holds the right to amend any of the foregoing regulations.

The organizing committee thanks you for your participation in the championship and your collaboration to keep the smooth running of the event, taking into account that it is done for the good of THE PETANQUE.